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I have some exciting news regarding purchasing a home and to help make this goal become a reality. I have a new local professional team member who will evaluate your credit report for free! In order to take advantage of this opportunity, you will need to set up an appointment. The promotional code of KPP will enable you to access a Para Legal’s calendar to schedule your appointment. This special free evaluation is only offered due to my business relationship with this company. I have checked out their credentials and refer them to you with confidence. If you elect to work with them after the free evaluation it is only $99/month for at most 6 months. The average improvement in their client’s score is 85 points over the 6 month time frame. If you have further questions many of them will be addressed on the website and their phone number is listed.
The referring source will be able to monitor the client’s progress using
Paul Ritter
724 519-2117
Credit Investigation Service, DBA: My Credit Team

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